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TSNAP Officer Elections

TSNAP is seeking qualified members who are ready to serve in the role of Officer on the TSNAP Board.  Voting for the 2020 year will include:

  • Secretary (1 year term - 2020 Secretary)

Click HERE for TSNAP Officer Election Timeline & Information  

TSNAP invites members to get to know the candidates.  Electronic voting will open October 16 and close at midnight on October 31, 2019.  Each current/paid TSNAP member will be emailed a ballot on October 16, 2019.  Results will be announced on the TSNAP website on November 1, 2019.  Good luck to our members running for office! 

(Candidate information is presented as submitted by the candidates.) 

TSNAP Secretary Candidates

Ellen Akers

Director of Testing and Accountability, Pearland ISD

Briefly describe why you want to serve as a TSNAP Officer.

"TSNAP has been one of the most valuable professional organizations that I have been a member of as an educator.  In the constantly changing world of assessment, it is essential to have dedicated professionals who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge in a collaborative setting to ensure equity to all students.  

Professionally, I have been the beneficiary of the many continuous learning opportunities provided by TSNAP.  It is important to me to give back to an organization that has provided so much to me.  When I come into work each morning, I open two screens – my email and my Social Link feed.  I know that I can always keep abreast of the latest information by the networking that occurs through TSNAP.  

It is important to be curious enough to discern what you don’t know.  There is a tremendous amount of change throughout this profession and I allocate time to uncover issues and find new practices through networking.  The pace and volume of change require assessment professionals to try new things.  What we have done in the past often needs updating. Our networking in TSNAP gives us the perfect platform to study, lead discussions, and influence change.  I would consider it an honor to serve as a TSNAP Officer and continue to grow an organization which has provided me with an endless array of resources, networking, and friendships."

Describe your strengths for the office you have been nominated.

"I have been involved in assessment administration for over fourteen years.  I have served as a campus test coordinator, as a campus administrator for a 6A high school, and I now serve as the Director of Testing, Accountability, and Program Evaluation for a large school district in southeast Texas.  Building relationships is at the heart of everything that I do.  That means that I get out of my office and visit campuses as much as possible.  I have found that acknowledging the extraordinary challenges of time-management and the endless challenges faced each day by principals while spending time on their campuses creates opportunities for us to work together to provide solutions to the myriad of issues that arise during assessment.    

I believe it is important to have a vision and know what you want to accomplish and why.  Don’t wait for someone else to define what you should do but rather do the research and know what options are available.  Study everything available and network with others to become an expert in your field, articulate your goals, and find others to discuss your ideas with to make it happen.  Every organization needs strategic thinkers who align with the goals of the organization and support them.  It is important to have someone in the role of Secretary who can effectively communicate information and ideas from planning, meetings, and conferences to all of our members.  "

Provide a short biography regarding your experience in the field of assessment.

"Ellen Akers has bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Biology, Master’s in Education Administration, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education with a proposed defense date of December 2019.  She has taught middle school science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and served as Science Department Chair.  She taught Physics at Texas City High School where she was named Texas City High School Teacher of the Year and Texas City ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.  Ellen taught Chemistry and Physics at Clear Creek High School in Clear Creek ISD and served as Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at Clear Creek High School for four years.  She presently serves as the Director of Testing, Accountability, and Program Evaluation in Pearland ISD which is a  district serving over 21,000 students.  Ellen also serves as the District Coordinator for School Improvement (DCSI) for Pearland ISD, is a member of the DEIC, the Bilingual advisory committee, and the PBMAS committee.  She is a member of the Region IV BRATS and TSNAP. "



Sharon Reckaway

Director of Assessment & Accountability, Gregory-Portland ISD


Briefly describe why you want to serve as a TSNAP Officer.

I joined TSNAP five years ago as soon as I became the DTC for my district. TSNAP was a lifeline that provided me with guidance, support and resources that made the transition from CTC to DTC much more manageable. I am currently serving my second term as a regional director and I am now seeking an opportunity to serve as TSNAP secretary so I can be a resource for not only my region but all regions in Texas. 

Describe your strengths for the office you have been nominated.

I am an extremely organized individual with a passion for the assessment program. I have gained a wealth of experience as a CTC, DTC and now TSNAP Regional Director. I served as a CTC for seven years and a DTC for five years. I am currently serving my second term as the Region 2 C-BATS director. I have faithfully attended the Best Practices Forum, New Coordinator Academy (and formerly the Not-so-New Academy) as well as the Texas Assessment Conference. I have also served on the TSNAP Audit Committee, NCA committee and Best Practices Forum Committees. I believe my knowledge and experiences are my personal strengths and I look forward to utilizing them to help support other members and the TSNAP network as a whole.

Provide a short biography regarding your experience in the field of assessment.

I was the Campus Testing Coordinator for seven years at a campus that served approximately 700-750 fifth and sixth graders.  I was responsible for all state and local assessments.  Five years ago, I was promoted to the district’s Director of Assessment and Accountability.  As such, I also served as the District Testing Coordinator and I oversee six CTCs at four elementary campuses, one middle school campus and one high school campus.  As the DTC, I am responsible for all state testing and all post-secondary testing including TSI, SAT, PSAT, and AP. With a district enrollment of approximately 4650 students, my district is considered small so I have the opportunity to wear many hats as the only person in the “assessment department”.  This has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in related areas such as: curriculum and instruction, mental health services, special education, 504, RTI, and EL.  I am learning more and more every day and always welcome personal growth.



Randy Wuensche

Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability, Brazosport ISD


Briefly describe why you want to serve as a TSNAP Officer.

When I first came to TSNAP, I was blessed to find a remarkable support group that genuinely cared about me and my success.  I felt comfortable asking questions and learning from the best in the field.  I want to continue that TSNAP tradition of service and provide support to the next generation entering the field of assessment and accountability. 

Describe your strengths for the office you have been nominated.

The 2019-20 school year will mark my 27th year overall in education.  I have served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and now as a central office support staff member. All of these positions have enabled me to grow as a professional in a multitude of areas including teaching and learning, technology applications, assessment, administration, curriculum and instructional support, among many others.  I believe that I can provide multiple dimensions of support for the TSNAP organization.  As a history buff, I can also readily appreciate the importance of accurately recording events for the benefit of others, which is one of the important roles of the secretary of TSNAP.

Provide a short biography regarding your experience in the field of assessment.

I worked as a campus testing coordinator at several schools during my years as an assistant principal.  Coming into central office as the district testing coordinator and campus data support person was a smooth transition made much easier by the remarkably vibrant and engaging TSNAP organization.  Our Region 4 TSNAP group, the BRATS, is always willing to help and support its members in any way possible.  That spirit of giving and support is very contagious and really helped me grow in my position as DTC for my wonderful home district, Brazosport ISD.  As a direct result of that group's support and encouragement, over the past four years since assuming the reins of DTC in my district, I've enjoyed presenting multiple times at the Texas Assessment Conference ("Keep on Googlin!" and ''The Power of Focused Writing in Student Achievement") and was recently honored by TSNAP for service in Region 4 in 2018.  As I continue to learn and grow, I look forward to helping others in the field as we all continue to learn and grow in the ever-changing world of assessment and accountability.



For questions about TSNAP elections, please contact:

Dr. Tracy McDaniel, TSNAP Immediate Past President | Election Chair






PO Box 441741,
Houston, Texas 77244-1741

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