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Texas Assessment Telecommunications Network (TETN)

TEA and TSNAP use the TETN network to provide up to date information regarding state testing.  The topics vary throughout the year including program updates and additional training. Districts can access the TETN's through their Educational Service Center (ESC).

TSNAP TETNs provide a combined question and answer session with TEA and respective state assessment vendors (ETS & Pearson).  The TSNAP TETN also serves as a TSNAP business meeting.

Upcoming TSNAP TETN dates are listed below:

Minutes of the TSNAP meetings and question/answer segments from previous TSNAP TETNS are posted below for TSNAP members.


TETN Minutes

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This folder contains minutes from TSNAP TETN minutes and segments from the question answer portion with TSNAP guests.
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