Texas Statewide Network of Assessment Professionals (TSNAP) exists to provide opportunities to grow, learn and support members in the areas of assessment and accountability.

Spring is in full bloom and testing is in full swing.  With a couple of test cycles down, we are quickly moving towards our biggest testing month of the year.  Please remember to take time to decompress ahead of testing and reach out to your TSNAP peers for support.


Continue to follow Social Link for current questions/answers and TSNAP Shares for resources you can use in your own district. 


Dr. Elda Garcia, TSNAP President


Dr. Elda Garcia, President

Christina TrotterVice President

Melissa Haney, Secretary

Thomas Negri, Treasurer

Dr. Tracy McDanielImmediate Past President



PO Box 441741,
Houston, Texas 77244-1741

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